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If you want to try a high quality sangria, from Hellospain we recommend as a handmade product made in Spain, the Lolea No. 1 sangria. It is a sangria made at the Casa Lola Colmado distillery with a 7% graduation and...
A sangria made in a traditional way with Spanish origin to enjoy very cold. It has a base of rosé wine to which is added a hibiscus aroma with a ginger background and a bubbling touch.Sangría Lolea Nº 5 Rosé is made...
Lolailo Sangria BIO 75 cl Artisanal sangria, made with organically grown grapes, select Valencian oranges, Mediterranean lemons and a variety of carefully selected herbs and spices. Best before by 04/2023
€6.44 €7.16
Lolailo Sangria sofisticada Rosé 75 cl A touch of elegance, a spark of glamor, and the sweetness of an enchanting sangria. The subtle smile of the watermelon, the personality of the grapefruit and the mischief of the...
Frizzante and Gourmet Red Wine SangriaA premium artisanal sangria made with high-quality red wine Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, natural citrus ingredients from the Mediterranean and a touch of cinnamon.Our...
Sparkling white wine spritz with citrus and natural flavorsAn artisanal spritz made with high-quality white wine, natural citrus ingredients from the Mediterranean and a touch of vanilla.Lolea is not pasteurized, thus...
Sparkling Rosé Wine Spritz with Hibiscus and Raspberry FlavorsWith the grace and freshness of a white and the seriousness and depth of a red. A sophisticated and elegant version of the spritz made with a blend of rosé...
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