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Sangría Lolea No. 1 Red


If you want to try a high quality sangria, from Hellospain we recommend as a handmade product made in Spain, the Lolea No. 1 sangria. It is a sangria made at the Casa Lola Colmado distillery with a 7% graduation and very intense flavors.

It is handmade and consists of red Merlot, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, lemon, natural orange juice and a touch of cinnamon. It comes in a beautiful bottle with bright cherry red colors and white polka dots that give it a spectacular design.

To guarantee all its quality, the Red Lolea sangria is not pasteurized.

It is recommended to serve cold with ice in tall glass with lemon and slices of orange, peach and strawberries.

From Lolea it is also recommended to serve with basil leaves that give a surprising flavor.

If you are looking to buy sangria Lolea at the best price, in Hellospain we have the cheapest price online in sangria Lolea.

You will enjoy a sangria with low alcohol content that you will enjoy in your social or family gatherings.

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