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Azpilicueta Crianza 2013 ist ein Rotwein aus Rioja produziert von Bodegas Azpilicueta eine Auswahl von Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Graciano und Carignan der Jahrgang 2013 enthält. Roter Rioja dieser Bodega ist ein Wein der...
If you want to try a high quality sangria, from Hellospain we recommend as a handmade product made in Spain, the Lolea No. 1 sangria. It is a sangria made at the Casa Lola Colmado distillery with a 7% graduation and...
A sangria made in a traditional way with Spanish origin to enjoy very cold. It has a base of rosé wine to which is added a hibiscus aroma with a ginger background and a bubbling touch.Sangría Lolea Nº 5 Rosé is made...
A sangria made with grenache grape wine, carbonated spring water, sugar cane, lemon and cardamom essential oil. It provides aromas and sweet nuances and also acids that combine in perfect balance. With grape scents,...
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